Creating Conversations

Social media is all about creating, maintaining, and engaging in conversations.  For the most part, these conversations are on an indvidual basis.  This is in stark contrast to the world of mass media.  After all, if we look back (and it wasn’t that long ago), we can easily see that mass media revolved (and for the most part still revolves) around mass marketing: where one size generally fit all; where push marketing was the way to control messages and influence the masses.

Times have now changed — more so than ever because of social media (and networks).  In this era, your voice — the voice of the individual — is completely unmanaged.  You have the power to create a global voice (social communities, blogs, twitter, etc.).  You also have the power to chooseYou chose who you listen to, what you read about, and when you want that information.  This power has shifted the market place from push marketing (the one of mass media) to one of pull marketing (the one that empowers you!).  Enjoy your friendom and power!


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