How did you get introduced to Change Mangement?

Not too long ago, I was speaking to one of our analysts, who is a recent college graduate and now has three months under her belt in our practice, when she turned to me and asked, “Keith, how did you get introduced to Change Management?”

Hmmm …. interesting question, I thought, and responded with three examples of how I was executing change management as part of my day job while I was actually in other industry roles (operations, product management, sales).   I explained that I didn’t know what I was doing was called change management — I thought it was common sense.  I went on to tell her that once I realized it was called change management, I studied the methodologies of the discipline.

She then asked me, if I could boil change management down to three books, what would they be and why.  I asked her to give me a chance to think about it and I would email her my thoughts.  That email is below:

Here’s a starter …. The hardest read is actually the first one, b/c there’s lots of detail.  The 2nd book is any easy read and is a great primer for OCM [Organizational Change Management].  The 3rd book will make a lot more sense after reading the first two and should be ‘skimmable’ by the time you get to it.  Change Management can cover multiple areas / disciplines, so the methodology will naturally need to be adjusted depending on what you are doing. Kotter is considered one of the father’s of Change Management and you  should be able to see how our methodology can map back to his.
— it’s older (1994), but covers things with many business cases (helps understand why things happen from a business perspective)
— very new book; doesn’t cover ALL change components, but keeps things very simple
— one of the foundational books in Change Mangement; 8 steps; very ‘skimmable’
So, I’m curious:  how does my list stack up to yours?  If you could boil change management down to three books, which three books would you choose and why?

One thought on “How did you get introduced to Change Mangement?

  1. Thanks for the list, Keith. Switch is an interesting book, and arguably demonstrates the tipping point for change management. Like you say it’s simplistic, but it is common sense. I’d never encountered the rider, elephant and path metaphor before, so it was an eye-opener to me.

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