Which iPad Apps (for business) do You Use?

Like many of you, I have been very intrigued with the iPad, but had not purchased one.  I love my iPhone 4 — and can’t live without it.  In the business world, I have watched multiple clients retire their laptops (at least on a temporary or part-time basis) and use their iPads throughout the day.

At our recent corporate retreat, we were rewarded for a great year with our own iPads!  So as of Monday, I am a proud owner of a 64 GB iPad 2 (wifi only).  I have dutifully downloaded all of my iPhone apps and am now researching other business apps.  The first real app I downloaded was QuickOffice, which I am already utilizing.  Below is my research list.

Bests iPad Business Apps according to PC Mag:  http://alturl.com/qc2uu

Business Insider:  http://alturl.com/f7s6x

iPad Fan:  http://alturl.com/mgidz

iPad App Cafe:  http://alturl.com/g8bdz

Some of the apps mentioned in these articles include:  Evernote, Skype, Dropbox, Kindle, Dragon Dictation, WebEx and TweetDeck.

But more importantly, which apps do YOU use and recommend?  Thank you in advance for your responses!


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