Ethics has always been an interest of mine.  Recently, I decided to start blogging about it.  My idea is to describe a situation and solicit feedback.  Thank you in advance for participating!


One thought on “Ethics

  1. Ethics. Now that is a subject to explore. By definition ethics is a code of moral conduct: A framework for determining a moral course that enables one to chose the right course over the wrong one. Being ethical, by nature, is manifested in making a decision that followers of the same moral code would say is expected and consistent their principles. Ethics therefore is vague and fluid until the code is defined.

    In most of Western thinking ethics would be predicated upon Judeo-Christian principles. Even within that framework there is a diversity of opinion of what is ethical:

    * Is it ethical for a mother to steal bread to feed her starving child?

    * Is it ethical to kill someone whom you know is about to violence a helpless victim?

    * Is it ethical to use the funds earmarked for an employee retirement fund without the knowledge of the beneficiaries to pay creditors in order to save the company financially?

    Both sides of each argument could be defended. That leaves us with the question “Is any action ethical if the majority of people feel it is the right course of action.” One has to ask, is there some greater measure against which actions are judged?

    All of that is a long winded way of getting to this point:

    Consider Slavery. For the great majority of human history it was consider acceptable and moral. The authority of various holy scriptures was used as a justification for its practice as recently as 150 years ago. Today, it seems inconceivable as a moral practice. What has changed? What altered the moral code?

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