Focused Marketing

Focused Marketing

Focused Marketing

What is your marketing strategy? That question is simple enough, but if your answer is, “I don’t have one,” or if it involves a truck load of theory without any concrete steps, then your marketing efforts probably aren’t working for you.

As a business owner, you are generally focused on sales and operations.  And unless you understand the value of marketing, you will treat it as an unnecessary cost.

I also know that establishing a clear marketing strategy with clear objectives can seem foreign.  And that was before social media and digital marketing arrived on the scene.  But in reality, it doesn’t need to be that complicated.  And that’s why you’re here —  why you’re interested in Focused Marketing — because I will show where and how you should be investing your time and money.

Wait, what? Marketing is an investment?

Yes! Just like a brick and mortar storefront, vehicles and machinery, your desk and computer — marketing is an investment.  But it’s more than that, too.  Marketing is you.  Marketing is your brand.  And if you sell your brand, you sell your product.

Let me repeat that in a different manner:  Marketing. Drives. Sales.  So, Focused Marketing is marketing that is focused on the Sales Funnel.  So, let’s do a little translation for today’s savvy marketer.

  1. Awareness = Search Engine Optimization aka SEO (Google page one or bust!)
  2. Consideration = Website (better be mobile-friendly!)
  3. Purchase = Social media (Yelp reviews say what?!)

How does this fit together?  Think of it this way:  A person finds you in Google search, visits your website, then wants a third-party opinion before making a purchase. Pretty straight-forward, right? While every customer’s journey won’t be that simple, you can count on those three aspects of your marketing strategy to be highly influential.

And that’s what you’ll learn here:  the components of SEO; the must-haves for your website; where and how to leverage social media.

My objective is to share practical and tactical insights, guides, tips, and best practices that will help you build a solid marketing strategy.  So let’s shut out the noise and clear out the clutter — this is Focused Marketing.


What is the Purpose of Your Website?

What are the goals of your website?  Most small businesses like do not give too much thought to this question.

Today, your online presence defines you and your website is one of the core pieces of your portfolio.  It should be your anchor piece.  Therefore it must be more than just a brochure of your products and static information about your company.  Here’s what your website must do:

  1. It must provide useful information … Who you are (description of product / service) … What the value is … easily found contact information (address, hours, phone number, email) … It doesn’t need a lot of glitz or spin.  This is the straightforward piece.
  1. It must be optimized for the right key words, using basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Additionally it should be updated / tuned up at least once a year.
  1. It must be social… Can people easily share information you provide? … Additionally, can people connect with you in social channels? (Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+)? … You don’t need to be present in every channel, but people what to get to know you and social media is a means to provide that connection.
  1. It must contain a call to action … Your website should not only provide information about who you are, but it must also give you the opportunity to collect leads. What information do they need? What is problem do they need help fixing? What is their name and phone number and/or email address.

Your Website Should

So take a look at your website.  And make sure to do these things:

  • Double check the information you provide on your site. Cover the basics and make it easy to navigate
  • Check the key words on your site and add or update them
  • Add links to your social media channels
  • Add the ability to easily share information from your site


Knox is a social media consultant focused on helping businesses of all sizes.  As CEO of Knox Social Media, he has partnered with Merge Forward to help brands align their marketing activities, craft their strategies, design and run campaigns, and conduct social media certification training programs. 

Brands like him because of his diverse background — from managing a billion dollar e-commerce retail site to process engineering to product launch to manufacturing to organizational design.  Knox understands all aspects of business.